How to DogFuck:

The knot locks behind your pussy lips and keeps him in you. For about 20 minutes, the dog cumming the whole time. You'll fill up in that time and feel everything swimming in your womb and up your tubes, it's his little spermies. Then when his balls are empty the knot goes down and he pops out. Nothing scary about that. What you have to be aware of is not the knot, but the length of the PENIS and the 'os bone' inside. The tip is pointed and is meant to nudge past your cervix. If the dog is too large, say a rottie or good heavens, a great dane, the tip will continue to push against your cervix and eventually widen it enough so the length of the dog's cock spears right into your womb. If the tip strikes the back of your womb it'll make you cum over and over. If the tip slides over to one of your fallopian tubes, it'll fill one of your ovaries up and you'll have a tight little bulge on one side of your stomach if you have a thin build.

The stages are like this:

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How to DogSuck:

Sometimes 'flowback' will happen if the woman's body naturally desires to keep the semen inside for insemination and little to no semen will spill out. In this case it may be released at a later time, often unexpectedly and with such volume it will appear as if the woman's 'water has broken', spilling out everywhere. It is possible to give oral to a dog before it's PENIS has fully grown. Usually the woman 'jacks' the dog until the knot is free from the sheathe as in OP's pic, maintaining a tight grip just past the knot or partially around it. This results in the semen spraying out for quite a long time.

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